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Rev. 3.0.0

It is the responsibility of the PARTICIPANT:

  1. Keep informed about the readings, activities and tasks of the course participating at least twice a week during the duration of the course to the Virtual Classroom.
  2. Comply within the virtual classroom with all the learning activities, deliveries, forums, among other actions by the academic program and the tutor, in the established time and manner. Failure to comply with the tasks in a timely manner will lead to a non-approval of the course.
  3. Carry out the personal evaluation follow-up from the Virtual Classroom Portfolio, where the results of the partial and final evaluations are recorded.
  4. Notify the tutor, with a copy to the academic coordinator, if, for some exceptional reason, he or she finds himself in a special circumstance that would prevent him from continuing with the course and thus receive instructions on how to proceed from that moment.
  5. The entry of each participant into the Virtual Classroom is individual and personal, for no reason will the intervention of another person be accepted in place of a participant or share access rights with any other person.

About the partial or final evaluation activities by the PARTICIPANT:

  1. The academic partial or final evaluation requested as a learning activity of the Course must be original and intellectual property of the student who presents them. In the corresponding case, the consulted sources will be indicated with the appropriate bibliographic citation. Students who fail to comply with this order, whether by using (appropriating) foreign texts and / or incurring in plagiarism, may be sanctioned by the Educational Portal of the Americas address according to its severity. The sanction to be applied may consist of the disapproval of the Course and the separation thereof, until the impossibility of enrolling in another Virtual Classroom Course of the Educational Portal of the Americas.
  2. The final work that is requested to the participant as approval requirement must be elaborated in individual form. In the event that it could be developed in a group, it must be treated, justified and authorized by the Educational Portal of the Americas.

It is the responsibility of the TUTOR:

  1. Perform the permanent follow-up of each participant, from the beginning to the end of the course, through the orientation, creation and evaluation of learning activities; favoring constructive interaction in the Virtual Classroom and providing technical and pedagogical assistance according to the needs and difficulties presented to the students.
  2. Deliver conceptual returns to the group, through consolidated analyzes of their responses, as well as clarifications, precisions and individual feedback through the student's personal portfolio.
  3. Give notice to the participant in case of being in danger of failing the course (after two consecutive weeks without participation in the activities, or in case the activities are not satisfactory).
  4. Give notice to the participant once it is decided to cancel it for reasons of non-compliance of activities.
  5. Notify in writing, at the end of the course, each and every one of the participants regarding the result of their participation in the course and the reason for it.

It is the responsibility of the Coordination of the Virtual Classroom of the Educational Portal of the Americas:

  1. Monitor the development of the academic activities that the course develops in its different classrooms, in order to optimize the quality and functioning of the educational service.
  2. Enrich the development of the course with the resources of form, background or procedure that keep it updated to achieve the intended objectives.

Course abandonment policies:

  1. Under no circumstances there is the possibility of receiving a refund of the registration fee for abandonment and / or for failing the course.
  2. The participant who does not carry out the activities or communicates with the Tutor within two weeks will be disenrolled, or excluded from the Virtual Classroom considering him / her in the abandonment category.
  3. If for any reason or special circumstance and out of control (eg health reasons), a participant is prevented from continuing the course and this is immediately reported to their tutor, within two weeks of the start of the course, the Coordination of the Portal will evaluate the condition in which the participant is and may grant him the privilege of reserving for this a quota in the subsequent edition of the same Course in which he was enrolled when he had to interrupt his follow-up. It is recorded that the Portal Coordination reserves the right to request a difference in the cost of the edition to which the participant has been transferred, as well as the possibility of transferring it to another course, in the case that the one who was studying does not develop again in the course of 270 days from the day the reservation was requested. Once this period has elapsed, the validity of the reservation will expire. It will be the responsibility of the participant to communicate with the Administration of the Portal in order to request both the reservation of the quota and the use thereof for the edition of the course that corresponds according to the provisions of the previous point.

Rights and intellectual property

The information contained in the profiles of the participants and tutors, with their email addresses and personal data, are of exclusive use for the purposes of the training task that is carried out in the Virtual Classroom. It is not allowed to provide this information to third parties or use it for reasons other than those strictly understood as an academic activity planned for the development of the Course.
The ideas, affirmations and opinions expressed in the contents of this course are not necessarily those of the Organization of American States (OAS) or its member states. The responsibility of the same belongs to their authors. In some parts the user will find references or links to external sites to the OAS with the purpose of providing complementary information. The OAS is not responsible for the contents of the aforementioned external sites.

The OAS maintains the copyright and intellectual property rights to the contents of the course, its teaching-learning design and the interactive virtual classroom platform. It is not allowed to reproduce, distribute, or modify any content of this course. All the information, graphics, sound files, video files, photographs, treatment of the information, and in general, any type of accessible material that integrates the course are defined as "contents". The use of the content is expressly limited for the educational purposes of the course. It is allowed to store the contents in personal computers only for purposes of learning, study, reflection, research or reference, duly citing the source. It is strictly forbidden to store content with commercial or transmission objectives to other people, media, or institutions. The use of multiple copies of the content requires authorization expressly documented by the OAS.

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